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What We Do

AAS offers a spectrum of solutions from full service perioperative management to simple staffing services.

Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) often use outdated, unproductive, and costly perioperative anesthesia models. Inefficient staffing, above market compensation, and incompetent billing and collection methods can affect all stakeholders. Our customer service and patient-centered approach allows for optimal resource utilization while maintaining clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.

Maximizing Efficiency

Our forte is maximizing efficiency of room utilization, resources, and management, while reducing subsidies and utilizing efficient staffing models that mitigate compliance risk.

A New Alternative

AAS offers an alternative to overpriced and antiquated anesthesia and perioperative staffing models in hospitals, ASCs, dental practices, and office-based endoscopy centers.

Customized Approach

Perioperative needs are not a “one size fits all” commodity. AAS customizes services tailored to the individual needs of the hospital, ASC, or physician office.

Advanced Customer Service

The anesthesia providers of AAS value customer service in interactions with surgeons and patients. Many anesthesia provider groups struggle to offer that same customer service to surgeons and perioperative staff. In order to create an excellent anesthesia experience, you have to create an excellent experience for all parties involved.

Clinical Excellence

The anesthesia providers of AAS take a professional approach in collaboration with physicians to provide anesthesia in a safe and effective manner that is both patient centered and provider sensitive.

Recruitment and Retention

AAS is uniquely situated to recruit the best providers in the region. The skillsets of our anesthesia providers exceed industry standards. With attrition rates close to zero since the start of the corporation in 2012, we have rapidly become known as the preferred anesthesia employer in the region. For this, we are able to be very selective in only hiring anesthesia providers with the best skillsets and experience.

Streamline your practice, lower costs, and improve the quality of care.