Improve patient care, lower costs, and maximize your time.

Advanced Anesthesia Solutions (AAS) emerged from a recognized need in the area for quality, flexible, and cost-effective anesthesia services outside of the traditional hospital setting. Since 2012, AAS has provided high-quality, low-cost anesthesia solutions to ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) and physician offices that contract with us.

Our business model provides a solid, quality anesthesia delivery system focused on managing costs while maximizing provider’s time and revenue.

The Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) of AAS take a professional approach in collaboration with physicians to provide anesthesia in a safe and effective manner that is both patient centered and physician sensitive.

Our CRNAs are employed directly by Advanced Anesthesia Solutions, which means we are responsible for the recruitment, staffing, scheduling and contracting of CRNAs.

Our goal for our clients is to allow them to grow successful practices while we manage all of their anesthesia needs…

Our company provides streamlined anesthesia integration, rapid staffing solutions, quality tracking capabilities, compliant billing practices and a focus on quality care, patient flow, and patient satisfaction. We can manage all of your day-to-day operations or provide simple and effective solutions to staffing needs.

The anesthesia delivery model used by AAS allows for individualized patient care with attention to preoperative screening, selection of anesthetic technique and emergence of anesthesia in a safe and timely manner.

Advanced Anesthesia Solutions feels that we are only as good as our least competent CRNA.  For this reason, we only employ CRNAs that have extensive experience and demonstrate expertise in an outpatient ASC environment.

Advanced Anesthesia Solutions has successfully contracted with ASCs, office-based endoscopy centers, and dental office-based practices. Our goal for our clients is to allow them to grow successful practices while we manage all of their anesthesia needs including staffing, managing revenue, regulatory compliance, and maintaining clinical excellence and patient satisfaction.

What sets us apart is that our services will be tailored to the specific needs of each facility. AAS has a proven record of providing flexible solutions which allow individual facilities the opportunity to optimize cost effectiveness, patient satisfaction and revenue.